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Auckland’s Wettest Day: New Zealand’s Largest Ci...
Steffi Uhlemann-Elmer , James Cosgrove
Steffi Uhlemann-Elmer February 02, 2023

Just weeks after California experienced some of its most devastating floods on record, New Zealand was left counting the cost of significant…

Covering All Bases: Modeling Typhoon and Non-Typ...
Simon Athawes
Simon Athawes May 11, 2018

In a country that is used to the regular rhythm of typhoon seasons, 2017 disrupted the pattern and was a surprisingly quiet year in terms of…

Asia’s Costliest Cyclones: The Curse of September
Laura Barksby
Laura Barksby September 17, 2015

The northwest Pacific is the most active tropical cyclone basin in the world, having produced some of the most intense and costly cyclone…

Reflecting on Tropical Storm Bill
jeff waters
Jeff Waters June 24, 2015

After impacting coastal Texas and portions of the Plains and Midwest with rain, wind, and flooding for nearly a week, Tropical Storm Bill has…

Christmas Day Cyclone – Lessons Learned 40 Years...
Margaret Joseph
Margaret Joseph December 23, 2014

December 25, 2014 marks 40 years since Cyclone Tracy made landfall early Christmas Day over the coast of Australia, devastating the Northern…


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