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Europe Inland Flood HD Model

Europe Inland Flood HD Models: Getting the Hydra...

Daniel Bernet
Daniel Bernet April 27, 2020

Flooding is undoubtedly complex – the product of many interlinked complex processes. These include precipitation, runoff formation and…

 16-May Jeff G

Exceedance: Time to Make Risk More Transparent

Kym Rupp May 16, 2018

As the sun shone over the Biscayne Bay at the start of the second full day at Exceedance, our keynote guest speaker, Jeff Goodell, energy and…


Three Principles for Exposing the Hidden Risks (...

Maurizio Savina
Maurizio Savina February 23, 2016

Building a profitable European flood portfolio is like walking a tightrope—a tricky balancing act. It is of course important to minimize your…


Just How Unlucky Was Britain to Suffer Desmond, ...

Maurizio Savina
Maurizio Savina January 14, 2016

Usually, it’s natural disasters occurring elsewhere in the world that make headlines in Britain, not the other way around. But you’d have to…

Can Flood Walls Reduce Resilience?

Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood January 10, 2016

In early December 2015 Storm Desmond hit, bringing an “atmospheric river” to the northwest of England with its headwaters snaking back to the…

Are (Re)insurers Really Able To Plan For That Ra...

Laurent Marescot
Laurent Marescot November 16, 2015

Many (re)insurers may be taken aback by the level of claims arising from floods in the French Riviera on October 3, 2015. The reason? A large…


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