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Our mission is risk.

Our Mission Is Risk

At Moody's RMS, we believe we are at a moment in time when the market and world dynamics around risk have changed massively, demanding new approaches. And with technology consistently evolving and innovating, we can enable compelling new risk solutions to meet emerging risks, opportunities, and challenges. It's a time of disruption and transformation.

Our vision is to create a more resilient and sustainable global society through a better understanding of risk. With every breakthrough and new idea, we get closer to making this a worldwide reality. From AI and machine learning to leading edge modeling and software development, we are focused on transforming catastrophe risk and building global opportunities.

In a culture built on trust and empowerment, every Moody's RMS employee is challenged to bring bold thinking and new ideas to the table. The work we do is advancing the risk management industry and helping to make the world more resilient. The challenge is immense and meaningful, which is why the best and brightest choose Moody's RMS.

Why Moody's RMS?

Joe Melly

Joe Melly, Senior Director, Insurance Strategy

"At Moody's RMS, you’ll have the privilege of working with leading organizations and some of the brightest minds in the world's (re)insurance and risk management industries. We deliver differentiated solutions that contribute to the positive role insurance markets play in our economies and societies – come and be a part of it!"

Rene Bouw

Rene Bouw, Chief Architect

What is most rewarding about your work at Moody's Analytics?

“Working together with software engineers, model developers, and product managers is very rewarding, as it allows me to apply my software engineering experience, while drinking from the insurance and modeling fire hose. Moody's Analytics has all the ingredients for success, and cooking up cloud-based risk solutions for our customers inspires me to come to work every day.”

Ben Brookes

Ben Brookes, Vice President, Consulting

What is the most memorable career moment you’ve had so far? 

“Many – from the very interesting projects I cut my teeth on, to the work trips we've been on, to the team we've built, and the life decisions that Moody's RMS has been able to afford me.”  

Don Windeler

Don Windeler, Senior Director, Head of Client Training and Education

What is something about Moody's RMS that you were surprised to learn when you started?

“The world of insurance and reinsurance is at least a thousand times broader and more interesting than I understood when I first came in. Admittedly my denominator on entry was pretty small, but there’s a lot to learn.”

Edida Rajesh

Edida Rajesh, Senior Director, Modeling

Why should people work at Moody's RMS?

“At Moody's RMS, we are surrounded with exceptionally smart and passionate individuals who would like to make an impact. Moody's RMS culture values open teamwork and collaboration between colleagues. Even under pressure situations, we overcome difficult situations through mutual respect of colleagues to come up with common solutions. That’s the real value of Moody's RMS.”

Uta Brookes

Uta Brookes, People Operations Specialist

What makes you most happy at work? 

“I have found in my career that the people you work with are as important to your happiness at work as the job you do. It’s the many interesting, passionate, and bright people I am surrounded by that keep me engaged and learning every day.”

Joseph Kim

Joseph Kim, Senior Director, Modeling

“As a part of the Model Implementation team, we are the software engineers who get to work the closest with the modeling teams. We are constantly challenged to learn new domain areas while keeping sharp on our software engineering skills to help develop models that try to better answer tough, real-life questions.”

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Perks of Working at Moody's RMS

We offer a wide variety of benefits and perks, including a diverse set of health plans, paid time off, and retirement savings programs. 


Taking care of your health is incredibly personal. That’s why we offer a variety of plan options so you can find what’s right for you and your family.

Financial Security

With ways to save for retirement, income protection, maternity leave, and even commuter benefits, our financial programs can help you plan ahead. 

Life Balance

Helping you live your best life outside of work is important. From paid time off to rewarding volunteer opportunities to a free onsite gym, we help you achieve a healthy work-life balance.


With great colleagues, fun employee appreciation events, unlimited snacks, and a free weekly lunch, Moody's RMS offices are set up to make your work life more enjoyable. 

About Moody's RMS


offices worldwide 




hours spent abroad volunteering with Build Change in 3 countries

Moody's RMS Office Locations

Moody's RMS is headquartered in Newark, California, with 14 global offices and 1,350+ employees.

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Lawrence, KS

Our Kansas City office was opened in 2008 and is located just an hour drive from Kansas City, KS, in the downtown area of Lawrence.


Zurich, Switzerland

Our Zurich office opened in 2008 in walking distance of the downtown area, the Swiss National Museum, and the main railway station. 


Tokyo, Japan

Japan office in Minato City, Tokyo, opened in 2012.


Beijing, China

We opened our office in Beijing in 2016 in the old city in the Xicheng district.

Silicon Valley (HQ)

Silicon Valley (HQ)
Newark, CA

Our headquarters in Newark was opened in 2009 and currently houses about 300 employees. We are in the heart of Silicon Valley and close to San Francisco. 



Our Bermuda office opened in 2009 and is located by the Bermuda Historical Society Museum. 


Bolder Office
Boulder, CO

The RMS office in Boulder resides in a downtown WeWork office with dedicated workspace, conference rooms and phone booths. Flexible working options are also available in the lounges and outdoor space. There is onsite parking, bike storage, and the office is located on main bus routes.


Hoboken, NJ

Our second biggest office in the US is in Hoboken, NJ, just 15 minutes across the river from New York City where we have about 100 people. The NJ office opened in December 1992 and has been in Hoboken since 2011. 


London, UK

Our London office has 175 employees and opened in 1994. In September 2020, we relocated to The Minster Building in the heart of London, and within walking distance of the London Tower and the Tower Bridge.

Miami + Tallahassee

Miami + Tallahassee
Miami and Tallahassee, FL

Our Miami office opened in 2017 and is located close to downtown. Our first Florida office opened in 2015 in the state capital, Tallahassee and is home to the HWind team and the Moody's RMS Forecast Center.


Noida, India

Our Noida office is located about 12 miles from New Delhi and is our biggest office globally with close to 600 employees. It opened in 2015.


Peoria, IL

Our Illinois office was opened in 2008 and is a 3-hour drive from Chicago.


Bellevue, WA

Our Bellevue office is located in the heart of downtown and was opened in 2019.

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