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Advancing Your Modeling

Tap into analysis and guidance to help you get the most value from the RMS model IP and successfully implement it in your workflow.

Cat Modeling

We explore cat models to fit the needs of your business and view of risk, including detailed analysis of exposures, claims, and loss development.


From data collection to pricing and portfolio management, we can help you effectively operationalize cyber modeling and build a more profitable business.

Life and Health

Our longevity and extreme mortality modeling tools blend best-practice actuarial techniques with medical science to help you better balance risk and capitalize on opportunities.



Deeper Understanding

Get a deeper understanding of a peril through education on an RMS peril model, including model methodology and validation. We’ll review exposure composition and quality, how it relates to the peril of interest, and explain model results using specific portfolio exposure data.

Validation and Implementation

Tailor adoption of a model into a workflow by establishing a best-practice model validation process. We’ll identify the appropriate focus and validation priorities, and we'll develop a custom validation plan that leverages the learnings from claims analysis and targets the appropriate level of breadth and depth to meet your business objectives.

Claims and Exposure Analysis

Study exposure and claims trends over time to confirm that the model performs well with your loss experience or demonstrate where it differs. This is especially useful for books that are not homogeneous to provide more realistic insights.

Own View of Risk

Create a custom view of risk that better suits your business to improve underwriting and portfolio management decisions. For example, the RMS Longevity Risk Model can be calibrated to your portfolio, RMS experts can design and develop specific cyber scenarios for a portfolio, or cat model results can be compared to a portfolio loss history to establish a consistent view of risk. 

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Cat Models Brochure

Customize your own view of risk with RMS Model Consulting.

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