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The current private flood market offers new

and exciting opportunities for business growth.

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“I want a comprehensive view of today’s U.S. flood peril that captures all sources of precipitation, inland, and coastal flooding”


“I want to take account for first floor height and basement presence to correctly assess potential flood losses”


“I want to accurately capture the potential vulnerability from flooding and how it relates to the risks I’m insuring”


“I want to take account for first floor height and basement presence to correctly assess potential flood losses”

comprehensive view

The private U.S. flood market presents exciting opportunities for business growth, and RMS has the most comprehensive model solution to help you get there.

The RMS U.S. Inland Flood HD Model provides a complete representation of the U.S. flood peril, through all sources of precipitation, including tropical cyclone precipitation, and all sources of inland flooding.  It’s explicitly paired with the RMS North Atlantic Hurricane and Storm Surge models to provide a consistent and seamless approach re: tropical and non-tropical cyclone rainfall, and hurricane-driven coastal flood and wind risk.

It’s a culmination of over 55 person-years of developmental effort that offers your business a tool to meet and exceed today’s market requirements

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first floor height and basements

One of the key challenges present in the growing U.S. Flood market is an absence of detailed information surrounding risks and key drivers such as elevation and the presence of a basement. RMS offers the only model in the market that includes intelligence on first floor height of a structure, and the presence of basements when that data is not available to represent significant drivers of flood loss.
RMS conducted extensive research to build first-of-its-kind capabilities within the RMS U.S. Inland Flood Model.

By capturing first floor height as well as basement presence you can ensure that risk is differentiated and priced competitively and accurately, including the development of underwriting guidelines in this fast-growing market.

vulnerability capabilities

Understanding the relationship between hazard and the vulnerability of an individual risk are equally important. The new RMS model helps you leverage our extensive experience in building robust vulnerability relationships, for a complete view of risk within a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial structures.

The model provides access to granular and distinctive risk differentiation, including capturing structural damage – often overlooked when considering the potential damage caused by flood events. By explicitly modelling these complex vulnerability relationships robustly, you can further differentiate risks and ensure you’re accurately calculating the potential loss from all types of damage.

flood defense information

Defenses are a critical mitigation tool for flood and are challenging to accurately represent. This is especially true in the U.S., where publicly available defense datasets of the river network are missing roughly 85% of the time. With the new RMS US Inland Flood Model, you will now be able to use market-leading methodologies around defenses to predict the likely standard of protection for the entire river network.

Accounting for missing defense information enables you to price competitively and use capital efficiently, providing a huge informational advantage in this emerging market.

Market opportunities

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