Exposure Manager

Deliver Exposure Insights Quicker

Confident Response

Gut feel is no longer a valid response. Your managers and your regulators demand loss estimates based on real science, delivered in a timely manner. Exposure Manager is key to both. Performance reporting helps you meet regulatory reporting requirements with accuracy and speed, while a wealth of high resolution hazard layers gives you a deep understanding of your risk in progressively finer detail.

Rapid Risk Insights

A natural disaster is no time to pore over vast quantities of data. Too many questions, not enough time. Exposure Manager solves both problems. A flexible user interface gives you quick access to your clusters of risk and their proximity to key hazard zones, and lets you drill down to key drivers of loss. Customizable analytics let you deliver insights directly to the point of underwriting.

Custom Cards

Your business is unique, why shouldn't your analytics be? Customizable cards within Exposure Manager provide completely personalized experiences built on an aggregation of many individual types of content. Flexible analytics help you drill into your diverse portfolio to find hidden insights, in a focused and efficient manner. Have more power to discover insights your own way.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Enhance your risk management discipline by integrating risk modeling capabilities with Exposure Manager. Exposure and Loss metrics in one analytics environment provides you with a comprehensive view of risk.