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What if you had a tool that could give you a more complete view of how losses flow through your entire organization – across both insurance and reinsurance?

Today I’m excited to share that we’ve made this possible – in our latest release of RMS ExposureIQ™, which select customers can preview for a limited time.

Manage Insurance and Reinsurance Accumulations to provide “Net of Reinsurance” numbers

Getting an accurate view of how losses flow through an organization – from an insurance portfolio to a reinsurance portfolio, and the relationship between these risks – has always been a challenge. This new ExposureIQ release allows users to manage both insurance and reinsurance accumulations within one application, including the application of sophisticated outwards reinsurance. It enables users to easily build structures that represent their business hierarchies in an intuitive way. Representing a major advance for exposure management teams, the application now delivers complete, business-wide views across portfolios and cedants, whilst also allowing the detailed management of individual insurance portfolios.

The solution makes it easy to represent outwards reinsurance across your business hierarchy by specifying which portfolio, program, or business entity the reinsurance protects, in order to access a true “net of reinsurance” metric.

Manage Event Responses in Near Real-Time

ExposureIQ is also the only application to provide near real-time event visualization using integrated RMS Event Response and RMS HWind data. This is provided through a powerful mapping module allowing users to understand sooner than anyone how a catastrophic event impacts their portfolio. HWind brings additional analytical insight to ExposureIQ with information on the potential track, hazard, and loss impacts of an active hurricane event.

Coupling the new business wide views with the event response capabilities provides insights to senior executives, stakeholders, underwriters, and exposure managers to view which programs, treaty layers, accounts and locations that would be impacted before and after an active hurricane. Users can also stress test different scenarios and understand potential losses.

Faster, Better-Informed Decisions

ExposureIQ has also enhanced its powerful reporting functionality with an in-app dashboard that allows portfolio analysis across the most critical building criteria, allowing users to understand which building occupancies and construction types are driving their losses, and how variations in geocoding resolutions impact results. This speeds-up analysis and empowers portfolio managers to make faster, better-informed decisions.

See what’s new in this ExposureIQ video.

Our preview program is available for a limited time. Connect with our team to request a spot. Contact Us

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Luke Norman
Luke Norman
Director, Product Management, RMS

Luke is a Director of Product Management at RMS. He has more than 15 years of experience delivering risk management solutions to both insurance and reinsurance companies. In his role at RMS, Luke is responsible for developing the roadmap for ExposureIQ™, the company’s enterprise-class, cloud-based exposure management application.

Prior to his role at RMS, Luke was Product Manager at AdvantageGo, where he managed the exposure management products Exact and Exact Max. Through this role, he has worked closely with clients across multiple insurance and reinsurance lines of business to understand their exposure management needs and ensure they are met with innovative solutions.

Luke has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Nottingham.

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