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Cat Accelerate: Delivering Data Automation and Integration in a Fraction of the Time

Raises the Data Level
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Risk Modeler and Europe Inland Flood HD Models
Leading Non-Life Insurer Raises the Data Level for Flood Insurance

Applying Moody's RMS Flood HD Models via Risk Modeler helped a leading non-life insurer boost its portfolio and achieve an on-demand view of flood risk.

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Major Global Reinsurer Manages Property Cat Risk Analyses On Demand

Through working closely with Moody's RMS and implementing the TreatyIQ application, a major global reinsurer achieved a new level of portfolio exposure insight and control.

Risk managment
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Consulting Services
A Mature Approach to Exposure and Catastrophe Risk Management

Leading P&C
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Risk Modeler
Leading P&C Insurer Integrates Insights for Better Exposure Management

How Moody's RMS Risk Modeler gave a top-15 U.S. P&C insurer the real-time insight to underwrite more profitably.

securis investment
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Consulting Services
Getting Ahead of the Curve on Data Quality

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Analytical Services
Enhanced View of Risk Through Data Validation and Enrichment

How Moody's RMS Analytical Services conducted an extensive data enrichment process for leading global MGA

Climate Change Risk
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Climate Change Models, ExposureIQ
Taking the Lead on Climate Change Risk

How a major global insurance company used innovative climate change solutions from Moody's RMS to measure the impact of physical climate risk on its book of business and get ahead of the curve on climate disclosure reporting.

Transform Exposure
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Risk Modeler
Leading P&C Broker Accelerates Insight-Driven Decisions

How a top Lloyd’s broker lowered operational costs and increased customer retention.

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