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Europe Severe Convective Storm

Severe convective storms cause more than 20 percent of the average annual insured losses in Europe. Hailstorms like Andreas in 2013 (USD 4 billion) or Ela in 2014 (USD 3 billion) show the importance of modeling this peril to manage risk.

Regional Focus

Benefit from a Pan-European model, covering 17 countries, to understand risk from hail, straight-line winds, and tornadoes.

Asset Specific

Model what matters: the model gives insight on property and automobile risk, including an innovative way to account for movement of vehicles.

Solution Consistency

Use the same set of solutions across the risk management chain—from underwriting to portfolio management and capital adequecy.

Model Coverage

Europe Severe Convective Storm boasts the below benefits to help you accurately assess your risk.

Known Sub-perils

Model losses from hail, straight-line winds, and tornadoes, as well as any combination of these sub-perils.

Country Detail

Understand cross-country correlation by using a consistent model across 17 countries in Europe.

Automobile Risk

Account for the differences in vehicles types, their typical movement behavior and protection systems.

Complete View of Risk

Complete your view of weather risk in Europe, with this model fully compatible with the RMS Europe Windstorm Models. 


Severe convective storms are inherent to the European climate risk landscape and can cause extensive loss to vehicles and property. Severe convective storm risk is often managed using historical experience alone, facing issues such as under-reporting of observations. Recent events show the potential challenges and cost this peril can drive for the (re)insurance industry.

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