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Understand the Complexities of Japan’s Earthquake Risk

A comprehensive solution offering advanced high-definition (HD) earthquake risk management capabilities including an integrated, fully probabilistic tsunami analysis.

Robust View of Risk

Incorporates the latest methodological advancements across all aspects of the model – from liquefaction and vulnerability to a new financial model – offering a more complete and accurate representation of earthquake risk.

Integrated Tsunami Risk

Understand the combined view of earthquake and tsunami risk with a fully probabilistic tsunami model integrated with the earthquake stochastic event set.

New Scientific Insights

Model incorporates key research advancements from the 2017 Japan Seismic Hazard Maps, as well as key lessons learned from the 2011 Tohoku and 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes.

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami HD Model

A sophisticated modeling solution providing the insight you need to understand, evaluate, and manage the complexities of earthquake risk in Japan.

Latest Data and Research

Incorporating insights from analysis of billions of dollars of claims data from recent events and numerous regional scientific research projects, including studies of larger offshore earthquakes and subsequent tsunami, the model delivers superior representation of earthquake risk variation across Japan. 

Quantify Tsunami Impact

With learnings from the 2011 Tohoku event, the integrated tsunami model is based on a full hydrodynamic model of tsunami events, generated on local earthquake sources and modeled at very high resolution.

Improved Loss Assessment

The Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Model assesses building performance to calculate potential property damage and business interruption losses from ground shaking, tsunami inundation, fire following earthquake, liquefaction, and landslides.

Market Focus

Through collaboration with local experts, scientific agencies, and insurers, the model reflects local building codes and construction practices and includes a unique financial model for Japan-specific policy structures and terms (e.g., step policies).

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