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Europe’s Winter Windstorms – the Only Certainty ...
Stephen Cusack
Stephen Cusack October 19, 2016

The annual damage from European windstorms can range significantly: from years when there are clusters of severely damaging storms to other…

European Windstorm: Such A Peculiarly Uncertain ...
Laurent Marescot
Laurent Marescot November 11, 2015

Europe’s windstorm season is upon us. As always, the risk is particularly uncertain, and with Solvency II due smack in the middle of the…

What Is In Store For Europe Windstorm Activity T...
Stephen Cusack
Stephen Cusack October 08, 2015

From tropical volcanoes to Arctic sea-ice, recent research has discovered a variety of sources of predictability for European winter wind…

Matching Modeled Loss Against Historic Loss in E...
Laurent Marescot
Laurent Marescot September 24, 2014

To be Solvency II compliant, re/insurers must validate the models they use, which can include comparisons to historical loss experience. In…

A Tale of Two Storms
Adrian Mark
Adrian Mark December 09, 2013

“Horror and confusion seized upon all, whether on shore or at sea: no pen can describe it; no tongue can express it; no thought conceive it…


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