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Outcomes from The Solvency II “Lessons Learned” ...
Rohan Baxter
Rohan Baxter October 24, 2016

For insurers and consumers in the European Union, 2016 is a key year, since it is when the industry gets real experience of Solvency II, the…

Integrating Catastrophe Models Under Solvency II
Rohan Baxter
Rohan Baxter September 26, 2016

In terms of natural catastrophe risk, ensuring capital adequacy and managing an effective risk management framework under Solvency II,…

European Windstorm: Such A Peculiarly Uncertain ...
Laurent Marescot
Laurent Marescot November 11, 2015

Europe’s windstorm season is upon us. As always, the risk is particularly uncertain, and with Solvency II due smack in the middle of the…

Exposure Data: The Undervalued Competitive Edge
Markus Moravek
Markus Moravek September 17, 2015

High-quality catastrophe exposure data is key to a resilient and competitive insurer’s business. It can improve a wide range of risk…

The Challenges Around Modeling European Windstor...
Laurent Marescot
Laurent Marescot February 05, 2015

In December I wrote about Lothar and Daria, a cluster of windstorms that emphasized the significance of ‘location’ when assessing windstorm…

Matching Modeled Loss Against Historic Loss in E...
Laurent Marescot
Laurent Marescot September 24, 2014

To be Solvency II compliant, re/insurers must validate the models they use, which can include comparisons to historical loss experience. In…


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