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Then and Now: Fifty Years after Quimburga
Christine Ziehmann , Giovanni Leoncini
Christine Ziehmann November 15, 2022

On November 13, 1972, now some 50 years ago, one of the strongest and most devastating windstorms struck Europe. Back in 1972, I was a…

Seasonal Forecast of European Windstorm Activity...
Stephen Cusack
Stephen Cusack October 31, 2017

Known indicators point to stormier conditions in the North Atlantic this winter. However, what this means for Europe windstorm losses is much…

What Is In Store For Europe Windstorm Activity T...
Stephen Cusack
Stephen Cusack October 08, 2015

From tropical volcanoes to Arctic sea-ice, recent research has discovered a variety of sources of predictability for European winter wind…

What to expect this 2014-2015 Europe Winter Wind...
Adrian Mark
Adrian Mark November 04, 2014

When it rains in Sulawesi it blows a gale in Surrey, some 12,000 miles away? While these occurrences may sound distinct and uncorrelated, the…


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