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Five Years on Since California's Camp Fire: The ...
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood November 08, 2023

Will the Californian city of Paradise ever fully recover from the devastating fire that consumed 95 percent of its houses, now five years ago…

U.S. Wildfire: Better Strategies Needed for a Gr...
Chris folkman
Chris Folkman February 27, 2019

What will the 2019 wildfire season bring across the United States? Across the United States, around eight and a half million acres burned in…

The New Reality of North America Wildfire
Chris folkman
Chris Folkman November 12, 2018

Describing the scale and savagery of the wildfires currently burning in California is difficult to do, but a simple recounting of the…

California Wildfire: Another Record-Breaking Year?
Michael Young
Michael Young August 02, 2018

Memories of last year’s Wine Country fires in Northern California and the Thomas Fire in Southern California are top of mind as we look at the…

California Wildfires: Special Climate Conditions...
Kevin Van Leer
Kevin Van Leer December 07, 2017

Satellite image taken on December 5, based on observations of visible, shortwave infrared, and near infrared light. Image Credit:…


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