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Shaping the Future of Wildfire Insurance in Cali...
Firas Saleh
Firas Saleh May 31, 2024

Wildfires in California have caused over US$70 billion in insured losses (Moody's 2023 inflation-adjusted) from 40 major wildfires over the…

Moody’s RMS North Atlantic Hurricane Models: Fiv...
Julie Serakos , jeff waters
Julie Serakos September 27, 2023

Earlier in 2023, Moody’s RMS® released a new version (Version 23) of its North Atlantic Hurricane (NAHU) Models. This model suite was released…

North American Wildfires: Fighting Back with Mit...
Michael Young
Michael Young October 28, 2020

The wildfire season has already been intense, with over 15,000 structures either damaged or destroyed in Western U.S. wildfires and over four…

Wildfire: Managing a Peak Peril
Chris folkman
Chris Folkman May 10, 2019

A new wildfire season looms on the horizon across the United States, and as the last two years of huge wildfire insured losses and extensive…

The All-Peril Cat Five
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood April 09, 2019

Why the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale had five levels we don’t know. The digits on a hand? Better than three, but lower resolution…

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