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Moody's RMS Europe Windstorm HD Models Unify Cli...
Giovanni Leoncini
Giovanni Leoncini September 20, 2022

Flood, hail, and convective storms have dominated conversations in the European insurance market in recent years. This is driven by…

Flood Insurance: Going Where the Growth Is
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith October 20, 2021

Over the last three to four months we have seen major catastrophic flood events in areas ranging from northwestern Europe, northeastern U.S.…

How to Accurately Model Flood Inundation Using H...
Daniel Bernet
Daniel Bernet April 27, 2020

Flooding is undoubtedly complex – the product of many interlinked complex processes. These include precipitation, runoff formation and…

The Value of Flood Protection: Quantifying the B...
Theresa Lederer
Theresa Lederer June 18, 2019

Whenever the U.K. is hit by major flooding, attention quickly turns to the performance of the nation’s flood defenses. Some defenses, such as…

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