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Impact of Inconsistent Geocoding on Risk Transfe...
Owen Chamberlin , Evan Cropper
Owen Chamberlin November 10, 2022

There is an expectation that an address within an insurance portfolio will represent a single distinct location, with only one possible set of…

The Value of Flood Protection: Quantifying the B...
Theresa Lederer
Theresa Lederer June 18, 2019

Whenever the U.K. is hit by major flooding, attention quickly turns to the performance of the nation’s flood defenses. Some defenses, such as…

Catastrophe Modeling: The Third Wave of Disrupti...
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood July 11, 2018

Catastrophe models, conceived in the 1970s and created at the end of the 1980s, have proved to be a “disruptive technology” in reshaping the…

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