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10 Years After Superstorm Sandy: The Paradox of ...
Firas Saleh
Firas Saleh October 27, 2022

It has been 10 years since Hurricane Sandy, a.k.a. Superstorm Sandy, made its second landfall as a post-tropical storm in Brigantine, a city…

Five Ways RMS HD Modeling Helps You Manage Europ...
Chloe Garrish , Giovanni Leoncini
Chloe Garrish October 26, 2022

Windstorms remain the main driver of natural catastrophe insured loss in Europe, due in part to high levels of insurance penetration across…

What Is a Risk Data Lake?
Cihan Biyikoglu
Cihan Biyikoglu October 13, 2022

While the “data lake” has been around for some time, the term might still be unfamiliar to many. A data lake helps simplify analytics by…

Hurricane Ian: The Challenge of Getting Insights...
Callum Higgins , Chloe Garrish , Luke Norman
Callum Higgins October 06, 2022

As soon as Tropical Storm Ian was named on September 26, 2022, our clients using the RMS® ExposureIQ™ application on the RMS Intelligent Risk…

The Problem of October Hurricanes
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood October 05, 2022

While the clean-up in Florida after the colossal damage and disruption from Hurricane Ian gets underway, and while the repair and rebuilding…


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