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ExposureIQ: Launch of the Next Generation RMS Ex...

Shaheen Razzaq
Shaheen Razzaq October 14, 2019

RMS launches new exposure management application focused on the portfolio manager – ExposureIQ on the new cloud platform, Risk Intelligence…

HWind Map Dorian

Tracking Hurricane Dorian: Understanding Forecas...

James Cosgrove
James Cosgrove August 31, 2019

Hurricane Dorian looks set to pass over the northern Bahamas in the coming days as potentially a Category 5 major hurricane, but forecasts…


RMS HWind Forecasting: Untangling the Spaghetti

Mark Powell
Mark Powell and Michael Kozar August 23, 2019

Every twist and turn of a real-time hurricane can affect global financial markets, public safety, or government and international aid agencies…

IKE comparison

Comparing Major Hurricane Michael to Recent Gulf...

Michael Kozar and James Cosgrove October 19, 2018

Co-authors: Michael Kozar, Senior Modeler, RMS HWind; James Cosgrove, Senior Analyst, RMS Event Response Michael underwent rapid…

HWind Windfield

Florence Update: September 13

jeff waters
Jeff Waters September 13, 2018

Over the last 24 hours, the structure and forecast track of Hurricane Florence has evolved significantly as the storm begins to impact the…

Storm Surge table

Florence: A New Twist in the Tale

James Cosgrove
James Cosgrove September 12, 2018

No hurricane landfall forecast is simple. But looking back at the forecast tracks for Hurricane Florence from the National Hurricane Center (…


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