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The experience of COVID-19 will forever change the way (re)insurers view and respond to pandemic risk. With this single event we have seen how ecological change, human behavior, political uncertainty, and pharmaceutical advances drive pandemic risk. 
Catastrophe models are a critical tool used by the insurance industry to proactively manage their exposure. Useful model results start with credible science and a solid model framework. Our Infectious Disease Model enables pandemic risk modeling for a range of insurance lines including life, health, and workers compensation. Building on this framework with lessons learned from COVID-19, RMS is already engaged in enhancing our solution to model business and economic disruption due to pandemics.
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  • Why SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, may not be "The Big One." 
  • What factors drove mass lockdowns to the extent seen with COVID-19 and why future lockdowns may be avoidable.
  • Why the vaccine development process has undergone a paradigm shift that will outlast COVID-19.
  • How recent studies show positive correlation between virulence and transmissibility.
  • How RMS tackles modeling “unmodellable” risks, such as pandemic business interruption, and how we’re improving our Infectious Disease Model with lessons learned from COVID-19.

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