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RMS has established this critical information and insights page to provide the latest COVID-19 developments. As the situation continues to evolve, our goal is to help you strengthen your understanding and manage the impacts from COVID-19. See below for our latest risk assessment reports, COVID-19 blogs, webinar series, RMS media coverage, and additional resources to get you up to speed on the risk surrounding COVID-19 and how to respond.

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21st Century Pandemic

Twenty-First Century Pandemic Risk Management

The tactics of warfare are learned on the latest field of battle. The same is true for the management of pandemics, where defensive measures require the full engagement of the state. Outside of Africa, the last deadly epidemic in 2003 was caused by another coronavirus: SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). SARS brought a “partial pandemic,” as the outbreak was largely restricted to some cities in China and a few neighboring countries. However, for the…

coronavirus blogs

Coronavirus Blog Series

Review the latest blogs from pandemic risk and medical…

Covid-19 Coronavirus Webinar

The COVID-19 Coronavirus: What…

Since it first appeared December 2019, the COVID-19…

 Pandemic Risk

Infectious Disease Modeling

Examine the science behind pandemic risk assessment

Coronavirus Report 2020

COVID-19 Assessment Report

RMS looks at the spread and overall mortality using…

RMS Speaks With BBC

Chief Research Officer Robert Muir-Wood covers global…

ICMIF Webinar

RMS and Willis Re discuss the insurance implications…

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