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Robert Muir-Wood, PhD, Chief Research Officer at RMS, discusses how new science and data is applied to catastrophe modeling. He shares deep insights about the future of risk and the quest to improve catastrophe models. Robert also highlights six areas where new data and science have made a huge impact on how we see risk: flood, wildfire, climate change, catastrophe response, earthquake, and pandemic. In closing, he provides his perspectives on how modeling will continue to evolve with advances in data, science, and technology.

Robert Muir-Wood is the Chief Research Officer at RMS. He works to enhance approaches to natural catastrophe modeling, identify models for new areas of risk, and explore expanded applications for catastrophe modeling. Recently, he has been focusing on identifying the potential locations and consequences of magnitude 9 earthquakes worldwide.

He is the author of six books, as well as numerous papers and articles in scientific and industry publications. He holds a degree in natural sciences and a PhD in earth sciences, both from Cambridge University.

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