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Moody’s RMS HWind: How to Reduce Basis Risk When...
Callum Higgins
Callum Higgins June 26, 2023

When a catastrophic event such as a hurricane occurs, it can have a significant and wide-ranging impact on a region. Away from the tragedy of…

Unpacking Basis Risk
Conor Meenan
Conor Meenan August 14, 2017

When catastrophe strikes, it is not unusual for the insurance payout to differ from the policyholder’s expectation. The possibility of such a…

The Role of Catastrophe Risk Finance in Developi...
Daniel Stander
Daniel Stander July 24, 2017

We all know that prevention is better than cure. Trouble is, sometimes you catch a cold. And if you’re already vulnerable, a relatively small…

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