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Rinse/Repeat: Atmospheric Rivers and the Golden ...
Firas Saleh
Firas Saleh March 25, 2024

Usage of the term ‘atmospheric river’ used to be the preserve of meteorologists, but now most Californians are aware of it. Atmospheric…

Getting the Latest Complete View of U.S. Flood R...
Firas Saleh
Firas Saleh June 13, 2023

The increasing frequency and intensity of floods in the U.S. over recent years have highlighted the need for holistic risk management…

What Did We Learn from the California Flooding?
Firas Saleh
Firas Saleh February 01, 2023

From soaring temperatures, drought, and wildfires in 2022, then floods, mudslides, and snow just into 2023, the western U.S., and particularly…

Northern California: Fire and Water
Holly Widen
Holly Widen March 07, 2019

From major wildfires just over four months ago, and now major flooding, Northern California seems to leap from one perilous state to another.…

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