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During March, we made a major model announcement as we continue to advance Moody’s RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™ (IRP), the open, modular, and cloud-native digital foundation for Moody's RMS models, data, applications, and unified risk analytics.

The platform provides us with the flexibility to introduce and roll out innovative new products to the market, and in March we were excited to announce the launch of Moody’s RMS Europe Windstorm High Definition (HD) Models as well as new workflow enhancements to applications on the IRP including Risk Modeler™, ExposureIQ™, and Data Bridge.

Risk Modeler

Moody’s RMS Europe Windstorm HD Models Release

With windstorms representing a peak natural catastrophe peril across much of Europe, having a high-quality view of European windstorm risk is a prerequisite for successful insurance risk management.

The new Moody’s RMS Europe Windstorm HD Models now update all aspects of windstorm and storm surge modeling in the region, to deliver the most up-to-date view of windstorm risk across 17 countries that together represent over 98 percent of property gross written premium for Europe.  

For Risk Modeler clients, by licensing the new Europe windstorm models, you benefit from the following workflow changes and enhancements:

  • New HD windstorm profile for Europe
  • Three sets of vulnerability curves designed to sample the uncertainty inherent in creating vulnerability curves, and a new feature to combine these sets in the Model Composer
  • Multiple climate variability sensitivity options (simulation sets)
  • Updated catalog of over 900 historical event recreations
  • New hazard return period data for wind gust and coastal flood inundation depth
  • New causes of loss categories for Europe windstorm insurance policies, including wind-and-water, wind only, storm surge, and flood damage.
  • New HD Aggregate Level Model (ALM) profiles for exceedance probability analyses, with HD ALM profiles for scenario analyses available in a future update.
  • Support for specialty models

For more information about the model release, check our series of blogs about Europe Windstorm:

Workflow Enhancements to Risk Modeler and Data Bridge

In addition to the release of the Europe Windstorm HD models, Moody’s RMS has added new workflow enhancements to Risk Modeler and Data Bridge:

  • Aggregate Deductibles and Limits for Standard Policies in HD Models: The HD financial model can now support policy aggregate annual deductibles and limits to help you better understand net losses. (Risk Modeler)
  • Event Selection for Non-EP HD Model Profiles: Limitations on the number of events you can enter or paste in the search field for non-EP event selection in HD model profiles has been removed. You can now enter or paste a maximum of 1,000 event IDs in a comma-separated list of events. (Risk Modeler)
  • Exposure Summary Report for Workers’ Compensation Exposures: For the catastrophe modeler, risk analyst, and portfolio manager roles in Risk Modeler, they can now build a report that summarizes worker compensation exposures. (Risk Modeler)
  • Expanded PLT Export Capabilities: Added new period loss tables (PLT) granularities for the EP outlook, including Admin2, country, CRESTA, and Postal Code. (Risk Modeler)
  • Import RDM Databases from Data Bridge: The catastrophe modeler, risk analyst, and portfolio manager roles can import Results Data Modules (RDMs) stored in Data Bridge to Risk Modeler. (Risk Modeler and Data Bridge)
  • Compress the Size of Third-party Databases: Shrink any database uploaded, imported, or created on Data Bridge other than Moody's RMS reference databases. Shrinking a database compacts the size freeing up storage on the server for other databases.  (Data Bridge)


Map Specific Area Accumulation Results

ExposureIQ application screenshot
Figure 1: ExposureIQ application screenshot - specific area accumulation

You can now map the results of a specific area accumulation within ExposureIQ, to view the distribution of events across the entire map and map a specific event to closely analyze its locations.

Both views show the magnitude of gross loss as different color shades, the darker the shade of an event or location, the greater its loss.


Intelligent Risk Platform
Figure 2: Moody's RMS Intelligent Risk Platform

For additional information on Risk Modeler, ExposureIQ, or any of the IQ applications on the IRP, please visit the Intelligent Risk Platform webpages. You can also access release notes on Support Center  Moody’s RMS client support portal.

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