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What is High-Definition (HD) Modeling?
Chloe Garrish
Chloe Garrish October 10, 2023

Attempting to make sense of rising global risks based on outdated catastrophe model approaches can feel like using a dial-up modem to surf the…

Exceedance 2022 – Delivering on a World of Oppor...
Marilyn Mersereau
Marilyn Mersereau May 19, 2022

Exceedance® has built a reputation over the years as a premier conference for the risk management community, one that has never been afraid to…

RMS September Update: New HD Models for Europe, ...
Cihan Biyikoglu
Cihan Biyikoglu October 05, 2020

After recently launching new High Definition Models™ during August, we are delighted to announce that clients using RMS® Risk Modeler™,…

Risk Modeler 2.0: Commitment to Building the Ult...
Alisha Fazo
Alisha Fazo May 03, 2020

The transformation of large, complex, and monolithic applications to a cloud microservices architecture is no easy feat. The launch of Risk…

High-Definition Modeling: A Game Changer for Cat...
Chesley Williams
Chesley Williams May 01, 2020

The RMS high-definition (HD) models are the latest generation of the RMS probabilistic modeling suite, incorporating features that allow…

U.S. Wildfire: Where is the next Coffey Park?
Michael Young
Michael Young May 01, 2020

In February at the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA) annual catastrophe risk management conference (RAA Conference 2020), I heard John…


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