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Will Summer 2022-23 Result in a Season of Tropic...
James Cosgrove
James Cosgrove November 24, 2022

October to April represents the peak period for extreme weather in Australia, with the risk of flooding, tropical cyclones, bushfires, and…

Terrorist Attack in Istanbul: November 13, 2022
Gordan Woo pic
Gordon Woo November 23, 2022

Since May 2009, I have regularly been invited as an expert speaker on terrorism risk at the NATO Center of Excellence for the Defense Against…

2022: The Year of the European Hailstorm
Steve Drews
Steve Drews November 23, 2022

For the insurance industry and for everyone that keeps a close eye on climate extremes, 2022 will be remembered as the “Year of the Hailstorm…

Persistent La Niña Conditions Aggravate Drought-...
Navin Peiris , Sharon Gourdji , Ashutosh Pandey
Navin Peiris November 21, 2022

Southern Brazil was impacted by drought conditions during the 2021–22 growing season, which resulted in harvest failures for major cash crops…

Hurricane Ian: Who Pays?
Claire Souch
Claire Souch November 18, 2022

With loss estimates placing Major Hurricane Ian as one of the costliest hurricanes to ever hit the U.S., a question arises around who will pay…

Then and Now: Fifty Years after Quimburga
Christine Ziehmann , Giovanni Leoncini
Christine Ziehmann November 15, 2022

On November 13, 1972, now some 50 years ago, one of the strongest and most devastating windstorms struck Europe. Back in 1972, I was a…

May 6-9 | Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth | Montréal, Canada
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