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RMS launches new exposure management application focused on the portfolio manager – ExposureIQ on the new cloud platform, Risk Intelligence™.

The role of a portfolio manager is a demanding one. It represents a high-wire balancing act between managing profitability and growth on one hand and keeping within exposed limits and minimizing risk accumulation and potential losses on the other. It is the portfolio manager who must uncover the “hot spots” if an individual line of business, geography, or risk type is looking under pressure as a loss driver – and highlight the “cold spots” where segments have growth potential.

They are always under the watchful eye of regulators and governance functions who need regular reports to show that the business is sticking to its stringent boundaries and limits. And if all this wasn’t enough, they are also on the frontline when a cat event strikes and on duty throughout to regularly update and reveal the impact of the event on the portfolio before, during, and post-event.

Portfolio managers have every right to be demanding about the tools they use, and in developing its newly released application, ExposureIQ, RMS has spent the time to understand the unique challenges of the role and what is required to help a portfolio manager succeed. First – and perhaps table stakes – speed, reliability, scalability (tens of millions of locations), and minimal complexity. Second – to be able to use one, rather than a myriad of tools. Or more simply, how to get the portfolio analysis – of any size and complexity, and the answers that a manager needs – right now.

Sound Foundations

ExposureIQ, similar to SiteIQ – a recently launched application that gives instant risk information at location-level, are both built on the RMS Risk Intelligence platform. Risk Intelligence is the industry’s first open-standard platform built on a unified data lake that enables access to RMS risk models and rich data layers, third-party data, and a user’s proprietary data in real time. As a part of Risk Intelligence, ExposureIQ benefits from the scalability, security, reliability, and cost-effective compute provided by the platform, together with one source of data on the platform used by all applications.

Portfolio managers need to understand everything about their portfolio and provide answers to the constant questions, always asking “what-if?”, and be able to manage constant change to the portfolio – its impact now and looking ahead. From a daily progress check, to weekly reports for the underwriters flagging areas of concern, to the high-level reports for the board, the ability to get the right insights, then share and communicate with the business is vital.

Create a visual concentration of risk accumulation with ExposureIQ

ExposureIQ was made for this. It is purpose-built for portfolio managers and the way they want to work. It is intuitive, simple-to-use, and flexible – allowing users to set-up their dashboards, queries, and analyses however they want. Workflow bottlenecks are resolved as data import and management is quick and reliable. Rich visualizations from drill-down, high-resolution maps, instant charts, graphs, and regular report formats make it easy to understand and analyze the data and to share around the organization. With an eye on core metrics such as Total Insured Value (TIV) and Exposed Limits, users can quickly examine the latest situation, by top ten contracts, by underwriter, by zip code, whatever suits.

And when an event strikes, ExposureIQ delivers the answers that the business needs – fast. With hazard footprints flowing directly into ExposureIQ from the RMS Event Response team in addition to RMS HWind for North Atlantic hurricane, portfolio managers using ExposureIQ can provide the portfolio-by-portfolio insight as to the contracts and locations affected and estimates on exposed limits, pre-, during, and post-event. Users integrating RMS HWind into ExposureIQ will benefit from real-time wind field data being uploaded directly, ready for analysis to see how an event will affect a user’s portfolio. Please note, RMS HWind capabilities will incur an additional fee.

Examining the hazard layers, users benefit from the same class-leading RMS model science as the rest of the organization, including the latest high-definition (HD) modeling. This means that it is always a consistent view of risk, and users can access all of the hazard layers and run accumulations across all or just part of them. For the financial output, it is all driven from the same RMS financial models used across the business, such as model loss estimates and Exposed Limits.

ExposureIQ brings all of these elements together in a customized environment to help portfolio managers excel at their role. Please contact sales@rms.com and we can arrange a personalized demonstration.

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Shaheen Razzaq
Shaheen Razzaq
Senior Director, Product Management, Moody's

Shaheen has over a decade of experience delivering risk management solutions to insurance and reinsurance companies. As a Senior Director within Product Management at Moody's, he is responsible for introducing new, innovative applications to the market.

Before joining Moody's, Shaheen was Risk Aggregations Business Unit Manager at Room Solutions Ltd. and led a department that designed and developed Exact Advantage, a popular, next-generation offshore energy risk aggregation tool. At Room Solutions Ltd, he then managed a global development team that built and successfully implemented several contract and exposure management solutions for large European commercial insurance organizations.

As a regular speaker at industry events, Shaheen often gives presentations about the business value technology delivers to organizations that manage catastrophe and non-catastrophe risk.

Shaheen holds a master’s in business and information technology from Kingston Business School.

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