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The pace of change continues to accelerate across the insurance industry, whether it is from technology, regulation or market developments, and EXPOSURE magazine helps risk professionals to explore some of the key drivers of these changes.

In this latest edition available for distribution at the Monte Carlo Rendezvous and online, the lead story looks at the recent market activity from Tower Insurance in New Zealand. By adopting high-definition earthquake modeling, Tower gained the confidence to launch risk-based pricing for its customers, providing savings for the majority of policyholders, but increases for others. EXPOSURE looks at the implications of Tower’s actions and how this could affect the New Zealand insurance market.

High resolution modeling has also helped Flood Re in the U.K. to better understand how it can work towards its remit of delivering a flood insurance market based on risk-reflective pricing that is affordable to policyholders. EXPOSURE shows how innovative use of modeling could guide Flood Re when recommending investment measures to protect properties at risk of flooding.

lights went out
Flooded streets in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria in 2017

A year on from Hurricane Maria, EXPOSURE examines the slow progress to restore normality on Puerto Rico, and how business interruption insurance claims from the island’s multinational pharmaceutical industry, and hospitality and tourism sectors has greatly deviated from the level of anticipated claims.

As insurance businesses continue to pursue efficiencies, and become more agile and flexible, EXPOSURE investigates the different strategies that (re)insurers deploy for structuring their modeling operations, from managing in-house to a complete outsourced solution, and everything in between.

With signs that climate change is moving the climate off the historical baseline with regards to natural perils, what does this mean for insurance and reinsurance underwriters — is it time to take climate change into account. EXPOSURE delves into the evidence and examines some areas where climate change is (and perhaps isn’t) having an effect.

And from new ILS catastrophe flood bondsupcoming IFRS 17 accounting standardsand the exponential rise of the Cloud, EXPOSURE covers a broad sweep of issues, and it also features an exclusive interview with three senior members of the RMS team. Karen White, Moe Khosravy and Mohsen Rahnama share their thoughts about their collective vision for the company, innovation, transformation and technology in risk management.

Visit the dedicated EXPOSURE site for all these latest stories and over 40 articles from across the last four previous issues.

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EXPOSURE magazine

EXPOSURE magazine from RMS is an essential briefing for catastrophe and risk management professionals who want to explore the latest opinions from the industry, new opportunities, and best practice to help their organization thrive in an increasingly competitive and disruptive market.

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