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The latest edition of EXPOSURE is essential reading for risk professionals, as we look back at what can be learned from last year’s events and look forward to the future including new challenges faced by the global risk management community and new opportunities to capitalize on.

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EXPOSURE offers a unique perspective with a clear mission “… to provide insight and analysis to help insurance and risk professionals innovate, adapt and deliver.” And with a new North Atlantic hurricane season nearly upon us, and memories of HIM (Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria) fresh in the industry’s collective consciousness, EXPOSURE talks to the industry and paints a picture of a mature, responsible insurance sector that managed HIM with certainty and confidence. Cyber has also demonstrated its potential as a global systemic risk, and EXPOSURE looks at how events such as an outage of a major cloud services provider could generate economic losses as high as Superstorm Sandy.

Wildfire losses compounded a significant loss year, and EXPOSURE examines the key drivers behind wildfire risk, why events in Northern California stood out in terms of severity, and how modelers are working to deliver a step change in risk management.

Managing data, providing rapid updates to evolving event situations, making real-time decisions, all gave (re)insurers a competitive edge during 2017. EXPOSURE explores how the industry is starting to realize the digitalization of its underwriting, risk management and portfolio optimization functions, to use data frameworks that get the best analytics and insight tailored to the decision-makers within an organization.

EXPOSURE also showcases examples of how risk modeling is making a difference in regions across the globe. With Brazil rivaling major agricultural producers for global supremacy, EXPOSURE explains how improvements to agricultural risk models will help to increase the uptake of crop insurance for farmers, to help provide much needed financial protection against the extremes of drought and flood in the country. For Japan, EXPOSURE shows how RMS has applied the lessons of Tohoku and Kumamoto to its earthquake and tsunami modeling, as Japan continues to rebuild after Tohoku — an event of such magnitude that it was beyond the limits of resilience planning.

With analysis on resilience projects looking to build the “resilience dividend” upfront to support resilient construction in disaster-prone areas, and how hyperlocal weather data gets us ever closer to granular, real-time tropical cyclone event insight, EXPOSURE keeps you ahead with the latest innovations.

Click here to see all the stories in the latest edition of EXPOSURE, or visit the home page to browse the stories from this and the previous three editions.

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EXPOSURE magazine

EXPOSURE magazine from RMS is an essential briefing for catastrophe and risk management professionals who want to explore the latest opinions from the industry, new opportunities, and best practice to help their organization thrive in an increasingly competitive and disruptive market.

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