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Hurricane Drought Over? Not So Fast

Tom Sabbatelli
Tom Sabbatelli November 04, 2016

After a relatively quiet start, the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season grabbed the attention of the insurance industry during September and…

wind hazard footprint

Tracking Matthew – The Devil in the Detail

jeff waters
Jeff Waters October 30, 2016

Hurricane Matthew aptly demonstrated that slight shifts in a tropical cyclone’s timing, track, and wind field extent can make a huge…

After Matthew: Putting a Value on Natural Coasta...

Paul Wilson
Paul Wilson October 25, 2016

As coastal communities in the U.S. continue to clear up and count the costs following Hurricane Matthew, we already know things could have…

What could be your exposed limit loss to Major H...

Shaheen Razzaq
Shaheen Razzaq October 07, 2016

Hurricane Matthew is currently moving along the Florida coast with high winds, heavy rain, and a large surge. But as early as three days ago…

What a Difference a Day Makes

Emily Paterson
Emily Paterson October 07, 2016

Hurricane Matthew has tracked most of the way up the Florida coastline as a Category 3 major hurricane. Matthew tracked further offshore than…

Updates from RMS on Major Hurricane Matthew

Emily Paterson
Emily Paterson October 07, 2016

Monday, October 10 Matthew has now made its exit and work begins on the RMS loss estimate By Tom Sabbatelli, RMS hurricane risk expert…


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