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The Age of a Roof and The Price You Pay: New Ana...
Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer
Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer March 02, 2017

RMS has completed research on hurricane risk to single-family dwellings using an improved understanding of roof age, which can lead to more…

Insurers Need a “Dual Horizon” View of Risk To M...
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood December 08, 2016

Last week, as a participant on the Joint OECD/Geneva Association Roundtable on Climate Change and the Insurance Sector, I had the opportunity…

Why We’re Getting Better at Changing the World
Matthew Grant
Matthew Grant December 03, 2016

Let’s start by celebrating goal achievement. Last week, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin took off — and then returned back to Earth. Mission…

Shrugging Off a Hurricane: A Three Hundred Year ...
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood November 16, 2016

If a global prize was to be awarded to the city or country that achieves the peak of disaster resilience, Bermuda might be a fitting first…

Calculating the Cost of “Loss and Damage”
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood May 05, 2016

The idea that rich, industrialized countries should be liable for paying compensation to poorer, developing ones damaged by climate change is…


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