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Power of partnership: Moody’s RMS and Bitsight w...
Joe Melly , Michael Hoffman
Joe Melly May 01, 2024

With the cyber insurance market offering significant growth potential, (re)insurers are considering how to capitalize on this opportunity…

Quantum Computing: The Cyber Insurer’s Next Chal...
Romeo Radanyi
Romeo Radanyi July 25, 2023

A rapidly advancing technology, quantum computing has the potential to solve problems that traditional computers cannot. Quantum computers…

The Intangibles Protection Gap
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood September 07, 2018

This is the third blog in a series of four blogs examining three potential “protection gaps” and the importance of “protection gap analytics…

Looking Beyond the Catch-all “Cyber” Category
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood October 12, 2017

The mass production of the internal combustion engine facilitated many new kinds of insurable damage and loss. It also provided opportunities…

Equifax Data Heist: Patching Up a Familiar Problem
Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey September 18, 2017

The recent Equifax incident was by all measures a significant cyberattack. As the press statement released by Equifax on September 8…

Crossing the Divide – How Cyberattacks Affect th...
Gates Maus
Gates Maus June 22, 2017

We tend to think that critical systems responsible for managing oil rigs, power stations, steel production plants, are somewhat immune to what…

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