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Build underwriting workflows in the new world of risk

Drawing on our more than 30 years of risk analytics leadership, UnderwriteIQ™ takes advantage of industry-leading models, data products, and technology to deliver trusted, agile analytics that seamlessly plug into your underwriting workbench. Our industry-standard REST APIs facilitate greater automation to increase underwriting throughput, so you can easily embed impactful insights into existing underwriting systems, new digital workflows, or even partner systems that utilize advanced analytics.

Price risks with confidence

Select and screen high-value risks, with superior exposure data, global hazard layers, and science.

Increase underwriting throughput

Automate underwriting workflows leveraging high performance & scalable cloud-native architecture. 

Enhance decision-making

Deliver a common set of analytics across your organization and the risk transfer lifecycle.

The future of underwriting

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, data, analytics, and technology are critical to improving underwriting profitability and growing your business. Success depends on rigor at each step of the underwriting workflow and delivering deep risk insights is just the beginning. Underwriting systems must avoid creating new risk silos and integrates into new and existing workflows- from catastrophe modeling to portfolio management.

Why UnderwriteIQ for property and casualty underwriting

Property and casualty underwriting is becoming an increasingly challenging line of business for insurers. In a market experiencing digital disruption, underwriting speed, data quality and analytics, and automation are more important than ever before. UnderwriteIQ is tailored to the unique needs of underwriters and is designed to drive more consistent risk analytics across your organization.

Leading modeling science

UnderwriteIQ leverages the same industry-leading science, data, and modeling used in the Moody's Risk Modeler™ software. Shared science and modeling approaches ensure a common set of analytics across your risk organization.

Customizable underwriting templates

Moody's IQTemplates reduce volatility in risk transfer decisions by offering the same detailed configurations, such as perils and model versions, for Risk Modeler and UnderwriteIQ analysis.

Extensive model coverage

UnderwriteIQ leverages the global coverage of the Moody's RMS modeling portfolio, including new high-definition models for high-gradient perils such as flood and wildfire.

Modern, cloud-native architecture

UnderwriteIQ is built on a fast, powerful, and highly scalable data architecture. Its APIs increase workflow automation and simplify embedding insights into workflows, freeing up underwriters’ attention for high-value tasks.


Underwriting application: Buyer's guide

UnderwriteIQ helps grow your business without compromising risk tolerance guidelines. But with so many underwriting tools on the market, deciding which solution best fits your needs can be challenging. The Moody's Underwriting Application buyer's guide helps you ask the right questions so you can start producing greater insights, discovering growth opportunities, and increasing automation to support digital workflows.

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Unify risk operations

A great model or a single app can only get you so far. Industry leaders understand that improving risk operations requires an ecosystem of consistent and correlated insights that transcend technology. Learn how Moody's is helping (re)insurers overcome common challenges, such as unwanted risk silos, poor data quality, and productivity bottlenecks. With a trusted data repository, collaborative applications, and open APIs, the Moody's Intelligent Risk Platform can help unify your risk operations.

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Innovative solutions for your biggest challenges

Exposure and Portfolio Management

Experience the future of portfolio management with ExposureIQ.

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Risk Modeler
Risk Modeling

Move risk management to the cloud for faster, easier risk insights with Risk Modeler.

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Intelligent Risk Platform
Intelligent Risk Platform

Accelerate your digital transformation journey with a comprehensive platform.

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Treaty Analysis

Turn underwriting expertise into superior pricing and returns with TreatyIQ.

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Assess Location Risk in Seconds

Reduce underwriting overhead and make more informed decisions faster than ever.

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Climate Change
Climate Change

Increase resilience, improve governance, and make better business planning decisions, by operationalizing climate change analytics.

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