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Drive Superior Portfolio Performance

Delivering advanced program and portfolio risk insights direct to the underwriter, enabling optimal risk selection and pricing decisions for your customers and stakeholders.

Enhance Risk Selection

Advanced financial modeling delivers impactful treaty and portfolio analytics for superior risk structuring, pricing, and selection.

Improve Portfolio Performance

Leverage near real-time analytics for faster, more accurate portfolio roll-up and event response operations.

Modernize Risk Workflows

Seamlessly transfer catastrophe and exposure analytics into treaty underwriting to achieve unprecedented efficiency, consistency, and flexibility.

Connected Treaty Management Analytics

At every step – from pre-bind to portfolio roll-up – an Underwriter must track how individual cedants are performing and ensure the portfolio remains balanced and profitable.  Let’s look at how TreatyIQ empowers Underwriters to maximize treaty reinsurance profits.

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Portfolio Roll-Up


Event Response

Integrated Modeling

Quickly understand and analyze the independent risk-reward profile of every new deal by comparing anticipated losses with projected income.

Marginal analysis and custom technical pricing capabilities enable you to accurately assess the impact on the live portfolio and adjust pricing based on your own underwriting expertise.

Run roll-ups faster and more frequently for up-to-date insights on assumed and net risk positions. Test different participation scenarios to develop renewal strategies, business plans and outwards reinsurance structures. 

And with Business Hierarchies available through ExposureIQ, you can view your aggregate risk position on an exposure and loss basis for a comprehensive understanding of your book.

Analyze losses to historical and real-time events to benchmark individual deals.

Identify key contributing programs and portfolio segments across the portfolio to expedite your response to unfolding catastrophes.

Through integration with Risk Modeler, Moody's RMS catastrophe analyses be run automatically when analyzing programs in TreatyIQ, empowering Underwriters, freeing up catastrophe modeling teams for higher value tasks, and ensuring consistency in your view of risk.

Customer Success


Treaty Management Application: Buyer’s Guide

With every treaty management application offering an array of features and capabilities, it can be challenging to decide which best suits your needs. The Moody's RMS Treaty Management Application buyer's guide ensures you ask the right questions, so that you can start optimizing your portfolio, eliminating blind spots, and improving profitability.

Learn More

Rethink How You Analyze Risk

Disjointed, legacy technologies make it challenging for reinsurers to achieve greater speed, improved automation, and higher data quality.  An adaptable, future-proof approach helps you respond to more complex, connected, and systemic risk. Realize the benefits of a cloud-native solution.

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Analytics, Experts, and Coffee

Hear from Moody's RMS experts as they discuss how leveraging cloud-native, connected applications can help address key challenges the reinsurance industry faces today and into the future.

Oli Moran
Solutions For Different Portfolio Challenges

Oliver Morran, Director of Product Management, discusses the advantage of connected portfolio applications.

Cihan Biyikoglu
Unified View of Risk

Cihan Biyikoglu, EVP, Product discusses data challenges and the importance of integrated decisions.

Moe Khosravy
Enhanced Risk Insights

Moe Khosravy, EVP Software and Platform, discusses how the RMS cloud platform enables powerful risk insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does TreatyIQ work alongside other applications on the Intelligent Risk Platform?

The applications on the Intelligent Risk Platform leverage consistent engines and data stores, and surface analytics that different personas in the risk chain depend upon. This connectivity enables collaboration and efficiency. For companies licensing TreatyIQ and Risk Modeler, catastrophe modeling jobs can be performed automatically in TreatyIQ workflows. Where ExposureIQ is licensed, treaty portfolio hierarchies created in TreatyIQ can be used in accumulation analyses in ExposureIQ. New shared capabilities are being added all the time to improve collaboration and continue to optimize workflow efficiency.

How do I ensure financial modelling is consistent across my modeling, accumulation, and treaty management applications?

Disparate tools across modelling, accumulation, and treaty management workflows typically use different financial engines to calculate losses.  Each solution may only capture a subset of reinsurance terms or apply them using an alternative approach creating inconsistent views of risk.

The applications on the Intelligent Risk Platform have been developed using a consistent financial model, ensuring reinsurance terms are applied in the same way regardless of stage during the portfolio analysis process.  The RMS financial model can capture even the most complex treaty details including reinstatements, aggregate limits, and cascading layers.

Intelligent Risk Platform

Supporting consistent and trusted data, a unified view of risk, and collaborative applications.


Derive advanced exposure insights and identify risk concentrations and hotspots across both insurance and reinsurance portfolios. Deliver real-time event reporting through integration with RMS event response and HWind.


Risk Modeler

Innovative modeling application that unifies all your risk modeling needs. Designed to deliver a familiar application experience as RiskLink, it enables organizations to run all their modeling workloads at a superior cost of ownership.

Risk Modeler


Help underwriters optimize their workflow at every stage. Move business along more efficiently and enable confident risk decisions with instant access to the world’s best catastrophe insights.

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