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RMS Introduces Risk Intelligence (RI) to Support the (Re)insurance Industry with a Game-Changing Strategic Risk Management Platform Purpose-Built to Tackle an Evolving Risk Landscape

Miami, FL - May 14, 2019 - The (re)insurance industry is experiencing a critical evolution triggered by huge competitive pressures, rising expense ratios, and a constantly evolving risk landscape. Today at Exceedance 2019, RMS, the leading global risk modeling and analytics firm, announced the launch of RMS Risk Intelligence™, an open and flexible platform built to enable better risk management and support profitable risk selection. RMS is sunsetting the RMS(one) platform.

Risk Intelligence has a number of great benefits:

  • Advanced Risk Model Execution Services combining RMS core RiskLink models as well as RMS HD models
  • Risk Data Lake, a repository that can securely unify rich RMS data with your data and third-party data
  • Powerful analytics with modular REST APIs that can help you to integrate RI into your in-house or other third-party applications
  • Intuitive applications that can deliver risk insights directly to the enterprise users such as risk analysts, primary or treaty underwriters or portfolio and exposure managers.

Karen White, chief executive officer at RMS, said: “We understand that the success of our clients requires building a more evolved strategic risk platform that can truly address vital business needs beyond what was previously possible. We are introducing RMS Risk Intelligence, an open, modular, future-proof platform for the evolving risk market. RMS Risk Intelligence leverages customer data, industry data and third-party data to deliver detailed and precise insights combined with unified model execution. It is the only way to give clients the scale, flexibility, extensibility, business value and performance needed to take on the future of risk.”

In today’s marketplace, the difference between profitability and insolvency is having the right risk insights. RMS Risk Intelligence utilizes big data through the unified Risk Data Lake that contains RMS risk models and rich data layers to enable more advanced analytics and greater flexibility. Because RMS Risk Intelligence utilizes the Risk Data Lake, as opposed to a data warehouse, any raw data is now highly accessible, flexible, dynamic and always up-to-date. The Risk Data Lake that powers Risk Intelligence, can be leveraged for rich analytics and combine enterprise data such as claims and policies, and third-party data with RMS risk data layers such as property attributes, hazard and cost details all under one unified platform.

RMS Risk Intelligence supports intuitive risk applications, through the APIs and directly through SQL. Currently Risk Modeler v1.11, the new RMS U.S. Inland Flood HD Model and RiskLink Version 18 models, live on Risk Intelligence. Forthcoming risk applications, such as SiteIQ™ and ExposureIQ, HD and Risk Link models, will also be released on Risk Intelligence.

New platform, new apps

SiteIQ™, announced at Exceedance 2019, is a risk application that synthesizes complex risk data, including interactive maps, for a single location, allowing underwriters and coverholders to immediately gain a deeper understanding of property risk. General Availability will be in June 2019.

Location Intelligence API and ExposureIQ are additional forthcoming products that also utilize Risk Intelligence, with General Availability for Location Intelligence API in June 2019 and ExposureIQ in September 2019.

Cihan Biyikoglu, executive vice president, RMS, said: “RMS intends to continually deliver the best models and user experience for all our clients. RMS Risk Intelligence accesses our Risk Data Lake to allow an extensible, interoperable and modular approach. Apps such as the forthcoming Site IQ and ExposureIQ, as well as REST APIs demonstrate our commitment to fully address the issues our clients are facing today.”

White concluded: “RMS Risk Intelligence is a robust, practical long-term solution to meet the client needs of today and the risk demands of the future. This modern platform delivers unified model execution, utilizing our Risk Data Lake and risk analytics. The needs of our clients have been evolving and with Risk Intelligence we are directly addressing the multiple needs of this new risk landscape.”

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About RMS

Risk Management Solutions, Inc. (RMS) helps insurers, financial markets, corporations, and public agencies evaluate and manage global risk from natural and man-made catastrophes, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, climate change, cyber, and pandemics.

RMS leads the catastrophe risk industry that we helped to pioneer by marrying data and advanced model science with leading-edge technology. Leaders across multiple industries can address the risks of tomorrow through RMS Risk Intelligence™, our open, real-time exposure and risk management platform, enabling them to tap into RMS HD models, rich data layers, intuitive applications and APIs that simply integrate into existing enterprise systems.

RMS is a trusted solutions partner enabling effective risk management for better business decision making across underwriting, risk selection, mitigation, and portfolio management.

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