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If you are a business insurer, then your clients are typically being exposed to cyber risk. As RMS has discussed previously in our 2019 Cyber Risk Outlook, the digital economy has become more pervasive and now accounts for almost a third of the GDP of developed countries, and e-commerce now represents 14 cents in every U.S. dollar spent in retail. The “attack surface” vulnerable to cyber risk expands as more and more business devices are being connected to the Internet, with technologies become more standardized, homogenized, and cloud dependent.

So, it’s never been more important to understand the cyber risk landscape, whether you are a dedicated affirmative cyber insurer or exposed to “silent-cyber” – where potential cyber-related losses stem from traditional property and liability policies not specifically designed to cover cyber risk.

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From data exfiltration, contagious malware and financial theft, through to the risk of cloud outage and DDoS attacks, perpetrated by threat actors ranging from financially motivated criminals to state-backed groups, you need to know the types of cyberattack and who’s behind them.

We have an opportunity for you to pose your cyber risk questions to a panel of distinguished experts who all are helping the insurance industry to understand this pervasive threat and to take advantage of growth opportunities for cyber insurance.

The NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit is being held in Santa Monica (October 15-17) and is attended by hundreds of cyber insurance, legal/regulatory, and technology leaders from all over the globe, with two full days of panel discussions by leading cyber experts who share their insights on hot topics, trends, and cybersecurity concerns.

On Wednesday, October 16, RMS and NetDiligence are teaming up to host a live #ChatCyberRisk Q&A session at the conference (1-2 p.m. Pacific Time), featuring experts including:

  • Vinny Sakore: Chief Technology Officer, NetDiligence
  • Russell Thomas: Principal Engineer – Cyber, RMS
  • Christos Mitas: Vice President – Model Development, RMS

This distinguished panel will be sharing their thoughts on the evolving threat landscape, including:

  • The role of historical cyber data for quantifying future risk
  • Evaluating effective cyber risk mitigation programs
  • Major risk drivers for corporations, municipalities and (re)insurance

We invite you to join the discussion and share your thoughts with the experts from RMS and NetDiligence.

How Do You Do This?

Simply go to the @RMS or @NetDiligence Twitter page. Search for #ChatCyberRisk and #CyberRiskSummit to follow the conversation. When offering your response or asking questions, add in #ChatCyberRisk and direct it to @RMS.

We hope to see you in the Twitterverse!

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She is based at the RMS office in Hoboken and has a background in business-to-business communications for the insurance and financial, real estate, and technology sectors. Devonne holds a bachelor’s degree in American Studies from George Washington University.

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