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Our sixth Exceedance conference makes a welcome return to Miami, this time at the waterfront InterContinental Hotel on May 14-17, 2018. The views over the Biscayne Bay, inspiring keynotes, over 75 informative sessions, demonstrations, engagement with experts in The Lab, and networking with 700+ industry professionals are all guaranteed. What else can we guarantee at Exceedance 2018? You will leave Miami with a new perspective on risk management, as we invite you to join us for our most transformative and immersive Exceedance yet.

Design Your Transformation

There is much talk about transformation across all businesses, not just for the insurance and financial sectors. But what does transformation mean, how will it impact your business, and how can you grasp these future opportunities and thrive.

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Does transformation mean digitalization, big data, science, analytics? It is all these areas and more, and at Exceedance 2018 we will have the knowledge, insight, and the hands-on, practical solutions ready for you to explore. With a tailored program of sessions, informative keynotes, and experts from across RMS, Exceedance will focus on explaining the forces that will shape the industry, paint a vision of the future for the market and map paths that are ready to be adopted now.

This transformation in risk management involves everyone in our industry. At Exceedance 2018, we explore how every part of the business, from risk modelers, underwriters, claims managers, through to the customer, will benefit from solutions that can deliver transformative change, whether its improving efficiency through to adding value for customers. Transformative change is also helping to accelerate resilience in the face of catastrophes, and Exceedance has always provided a platform for the best examples of resilience in action, and this year will be no exception.

We are confident that there is not another event in our industry where next-generation modeling, analytics, technology, and data science, all come together under one roof. It is our mission to ensure every delegate who joins us at Exceedance 2018 feels empowered and excited about the future ahead, and takes away practical actions ready for their specific business.

So, join us at the InterContinental Hotel between May 14-17, 2018. Early-bird registration rates are now available, and for full details please visit the Exceedance 2018 website.

I look forward to welcoming you in Miami.

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Katie Fazeli
Katie Fazeli
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