RMS(one) Platform

Flexibility at its Core

The RMS(one) platform has flexibility built-in, adapting to reflect any element of the risk that you write today - or could cover tomorrow. Simply extend and customize the exposure data model, to ensure it covers all the data you have regarding your risks, to comprehensively capture contract information, and easily define loss flow.

Express Yourself Clearly

Using patented, domain-specific language developed by RMS which is fully supported by the RMS(one) platform, you can express any and every financial term or condition of a reinsurance contract, for all business lines. With a common business language, all insurance professionals, regardless of technical ability, can express contracts concisely, accurately, and reliably. 

Loss Flows You Can Control

Describe exactly how subject claims to contracts are formed, and how payouts are accounted for and reported on, by defining your structure using domain-specific language. With the RMS(one) platform already understanding your contract terms, you can model your own program for reinsurance pricing and perform sensitivity tests - more quickly and with greater transparency.