Risk Modeler

Unlock Greater Value from Models

Flexible Reinsurance Design

As reinsurance programs become increasingly exotic, more complex modeling workflows are required, but these typically produce numbers with limited accuracy and transparency. Using a unique "Structures and Positions" concept, Risk Modeler changes all that by allowing users to design and model any kind of reinsurance structure, flowing losses through the contracts as they would in a real event. 

Advanced Analytical Toolkit

The modern risk analyst requires an array of analytical tools to understand risk, but fulfilling this requirement brings with it high costs and low efficiency. Risk Modeler is designed to centralize and enhance your analytics capabilities, delivering a suite of reporting options, combining exposure and loss insights, and in-built data querying, through a solution equipped to support all models. 

Intelligent Workflow

Setting-up and processing a model analysis can be time and resource intensive, both precious commodities that could be deployed effectively elsewhere. Through intelligent workflow and orchestration within the RMS(one)® platform, workflows in Risk Modeler are engineered to help users minimize any operational burden, freeing time for more analyses and deeper interrogation of the output.

Comprehensive Risk and Exposure Insights
Complement your model insights by leveraging advanced exposure analytics to fully understand the data that is informing the model outputs. Define model-independent views of risk using user-defined deterministic events for anywhere in the world.