Additional Software Products

Understand Your Marine Cargo Catastrophe Loss Potential

Comprehensive peril model analysis within RiskLink delivers results from all RMS catastrophe models in a single application. Organizations in the marine cargo industry struggle with heightened exposure. Severe loss from recent catastrophic events has impacted the industry’s thin underwriting margins. RiskLink leverages the RMS Marine Cargo and Specie Model to address vulnerabilities and provide detailed insight into cargo fragility, resulting in more accurate assessment of risk and strategies to reduce exposure.




Identify, Understand, and Manage Risk Concentrations

RiskManager delivers exposure insights through advanced accumulation reporting to provide model-independent assessments of risk and fill the gaps in the modeled world. RiskManager allows you to identify, analyze, and manage risk concentrations through a variety of analytical devices. Report on event scenarios, monitor capacity utilization, and quickly assess the proximity of incoming risks to hazardous areas or existing risk concentrations through a system that leverages the same industry-recognized exposure data format and financial engine as RiskLink.



Increase the Speed and Quality of your Underwriting Decisions

RiskBrowser® is a Web-based, location-level, per-risk underwriting platform for small carriers, wholesale brokers, and managing general agents. RMS hazard data and peril models are available at the point of underwriting through analytics that can be configured to support the users. RiskBrowser enables underwriters to analyze individual accounts to map exposure, capture real-time exposure data, assess current analytics, and better meet portfolio objectives.



Integrate Customized Vulnerability into Your View of Risk

RiskAssessor™ enables you to incorporate your customized view of vulnerability into an existing catastrophe modeling workflow. RiskAssessor can help you:

  • Realize a return on your data collection investment and share your custom view with the entire risk transfer chain through the Exposure Data Module(EDM)
  • Address the challenge of representing distinct building attributes in today’s catastrophe model to accurately understand the risk of an individual location or type of building
  • Highlight the impacts of mitigation measures and produce a granular view of risk for key loss-driving exposures

With RiskAssessor, you’ll be ready to take the next leap in vulnerability and risk differentiation.