Advanced Data and Modeling: Understanding a World of Uncertainty

RMS models risk in nearly 100 countries, enabling insurers, reinsurers, and other organizations to analyze the probability of economic loss from catastrophic events. For more than 400 financial institutions, corporations and government agencies around the world, our models represent the industry's most trusted scientific view of catastrophe risk.

RMS risk models are built using millions of data points, reflecting localized hazard variations at a high granularity, alongside powerful databases capturing property and human exposures. We continually update our models to closely represent physical perils, helping you better understand potential losses to your portfolio.

RMS models, metrics, and analytics serve as reliable benchmarks for strategic risk pricing and management and transfer decisions, opening new opportunities for you to build more profitable and resilient business frameworks, portfolios, and books of business:

  • +Underwriting: Differentiate, select, and price risk using high-resolution data and models.
  • +Portfolio Management: Understand exposure accumulations and minimize the potential for surprise losses.
  • +Capital Management: Gauge the potential impact of extreme events on your portfolio and accurately calculate capital requirements.
  • +Capacity Monitoring: Identify risk hotspots and avoid capacity under- and over-utilization.
  • +Regulatory Compliance: Meet regulatory demands and satisfy rating agency requirements.