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As you well know, in these uncertain times data processing volume has risen, data accuracy is more important than ever, and results are needed quicker than before.

The next couple of months will be busy as the industry prepares for renewals, companies balance staff PTO schedules, and COVID-19 continues to challenge traditional workflows.

Let us help. We can improve your data quality, support your statutory filings, and otherwise free up your cat modeling team so you can concentrate on the things that only you can do. From now through the end of September, RMS is offering predefined Analytical Services offers with fast turn-around and special pricing. Don’t miss it!

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Analytical Services Busy Season Offers


Portfolio Risk Assessment*

Aid Capacity Monitoring & Business Expansion

  • 2 Portfolios: Up to 100K locations; Up to two Peril regions
  • Input Data EDM with Custom Output

*Both RiskLink® DLM and HD Models™


Sensitivity Analysis

Compare Exposure/Financials to Understand Variability to Plan for Risk Mitigation

  • 1 Portfolio: Up to 3 Primary Modifiers and/or Financial Combinations; Up to 2 Peril Regions
  • Input Data in EDM with Custom Output

See Sample Report


Large Account Backlog**

Clear Backlogs or Analyze Large Exposures with High Quality Cat Modeling

  • 5 Accounts: Average of 30K Locations
  • Input Data in Excel SOV with Custom Output

**For Licensed Clients Only

See Sample Report


Quality Assessment***

Assess Your Live Book for Quality to Plan Retrocession & Underwriting Practices

  • 2 Cedants: 250K Locations
  • Input Data in EDM with Custom Output

***US Only

See Sample Report

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