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Newark, Calif. - March 04, 2014  RMS today announced the RMS(one) Developer Network™, the first of its kind in the industry, enabling RMS client and partner developers to integrate tools, applications and models with RMS(one)™. The RMS(one) Developer Network will give access to the RMS(one) Model Development Kit (MDK) and RMS(one) Application Programming Interface (API) on April 15, 2014 in conjunction with the general availability of RMS(one), the company’s real-time exposure and risk-management environment.

Using the RMS(one) API, clients and partner developers will have the ability to program against an open platform to extend the capabilities of RMS(one). The RMS(one) Developer Network will provide everything required to integrate and build applications, tools and services that leverage the RMS(one) platform, including documentation, developer support and the RMS(one) API SDK – a set of tools, code libraries and sample code designed to speed up the integration and development process.

For client and third-party model developers, the RMS(one) MDK enables the development of new models and the translation of existing models to host on RMS(one), enabling insurers, reinsurers and brokers to run their businesses using whatever combination of proprietary and commercial catastrophe models they choose and operate those seamlessly on a single platform.

“Technology companies are often defined as much by their ecosystem as their own products. Companies such as Apple and Salesforce.com have unlocked possibilities by empowering developers to build on top of their products,” said Heidi Roizen, DFJ Venture Capital operating partner and RMS board advisor. “The RMS(one) Developer Network brings this kind of innovation to the insurance industry, creating a platform that is scalable, adaptable and extensible.”

With RMS(one), companies in the insurance, reinsurance and insurance-linked securities industries will be able to access various catastrophe models, integrate their own data and build applications such as reporting, analytics and pricing tools on a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based platform. RMS(one) enables users to save time, increase their capabilities and allocate capital more effectively.

“We are committed to giving developers the resources needed to build a thriving ecosystem through the RMS(one) Developer Network,” said Alex Barnett, vice president of developer relations, RMS. “Clients will have the freedom and flexibility to control their own destiny by leveraging third-party offerings or building their own custom solutions to implement the full exposure and risk- management systems they need.”

Early members of the RMS(one) Developer Network include ARA, ERN, JBA Risk Management and Risk Frontiers.

RMS will be hosting a series of developer sessions at Exceedance, April 14 to 17, 2014 in Washington, D.C. These classroom and hands-on sessions will help developers learn how the RMS(one) API enables the integration of their applications, tools and services on RMS(one), as well as offer the opportunity to work hands on with the RMS(one) API and learn how create and host their own custom models on RMS(one) using the RMS(one) MDK.

Exceedance Developer Breakout Sessions:

• RMS(one) for Developers: Taking advantage of the RMS(one) Developer Network and the resources, support and services offered to assist in integrating applications, services, tools and models on RMS(one).

• The RMS(one) API: How the RMS(one) API enables the integration of applications, tools and services on RMS(one) and review the RMS(one) API roadmap of future capabilities.

• Creating and Hosting Custom Models on RMS(one): Introduction to the RMS(one) model development framework and model hosting on RMS(one).

Exceedance Developer Hands-On Sessions:

• The RMS(one) MDK: The RMS MDK is the set of programming tools, framework, code samples and documentation that allows model developers to implement models on RMS(one). During this session, participants will learn how to install and use the MDK to translate, build and test models on RMS(one).

• The RMS(one) API: In this hands-on session, attendees will learn how to integrate applications, tools and services with RMS(one) using its API.

RMS(one) Hackathon:

• RMS will hold an RMS(one) Hackathon, inviting clients to learn how to leverage the RMS(one) API to integrate with applications, tools and services, get hands-on and experiment with the API and then demonstrate early "proof of concepts" and progress made against the API. Winning entries will receive a prize and be showcased at an award ceremony held in The Lab.

To register for Exceedance, please visit http://exceedance.rms.com

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