RMS Unleashes Open Data Modeling Standard With No License or Fee Required

“Known as the Risk Data Object, or RDO, the data structure is designed to be given to the insurance and reinsurance industries and will be overseen by a steering committee of industry leaders. Set to be publicly available in January 2020, it is in production on RMS Risk Intelligence, the company’s open platform.”

— Carrier Management

Where Disasters Hit Us Hardest

“Mother Nature has many options for wreaking havoc. A comprehensive risk estimate for every type of natural disaster can help insurance underwriters decide how much to charge for covering structures against damage. Instead of just calculating where a disaster might strike, analysts compute the likelihood — and likely severity — of property damage at a given location.”

— Popular Science

RMS Appoints Karen White as CEO

“The market for risk analysis, prediction and management is evolving and dynamic. This is an exciting and important time for RMS. Recent catastrophes have shown that RMS solutions are more important than ever. We have the deepest bench of top talent in the industry, and a breadth of products, innovations and customer relationships that is unmatched. I’m thrilled to be joining this world-class team as we continue to innovate, grow and help lead the next wave of transformation.”

— RMS COmpany Announcement 

Living in a World of Constant Catastrophes

“The question insurance and reinsurance companies need to ask themselves is whether they are prepared for the potential of an intense U.S. landfalling hurricane, a Tōhoku-size earthquake event and a major cyber incident if these types of combined losses hit their portfolio each and every year.”

— EXPOSURE Magazine