How RMS Uses Big Data to Manage Outcomes

“By helping insurers understand what a worst case scenario looks like, RMS can let them be sure their finances are in order so they can pay out even if the worst should occur. It's the market leader in providing this kind of data, and has about 1,200 employees and about $300 million in annual revenue.”

— Silicon Valley Business Journal

Where Disasters Hit Us Hardest

“Mother Nature has many options for wreaking havoc. A comprehensive risk estimate for every type of natural disaster can help insurance underwriters decide how much to charge for covering structures against damage. Instead of just calculating where a disaster might strike, analysts compute the likelihood — and likely severity — of property damage at a given location.”

— Popular Science

RMS Co-Founder and CEO Named Most Admired CEO

“Hemant Shah knows when to play it safe. He leads Risk Management Solutions, a $300 million global services company that helps clients manage their risks. But if Shah himself did not have the entrepreneurial, risk-taking personality, he probably wouldn't have started the company.”

— San Francisco Business Times

Catastrophe Modeling 101

“Catastrophe modeling allows the world to predict and mitigate damage resulting from catastrophic events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, terrorism, and infectious diseases. As models improve, so hopefully will our ability to face these catastrophes and minimize the negative effects in an efficient and less costly way.”

— RMS Blog