Hosting Plus


Why Hosting Plus?

Hosting Plus allows you to deliver the latest model science to your organization more quickly, by eliminating the “lag” associated with model implementation and upgrades. A holistic service that is delivered by the model experts which allows you to focus on what really matters—driving your business forward.

Providing the Best Environment for Supporting Your RMS Models

RMS models typically use three IT environments, all supporting business-critical workflows. With Hosting Plus, clients have all required IT environments set-up and managed by RMS experts.

Single RMS Contact to Resolve any Modeling or Infrastructure Issues

Clients managing RMS models with their own infrastructure typically employ two dedicated specialists, just for infrastructure.  But what if an issue relates to the models, not the infrastructure? Hosting Plus clients access RMS experts who can resolve both infrastructure and model science issues.

Optimize Model Performance, and Introduce New Models – Whenever you Want

Most (re)insurers underutilize capacity, on average, for five out of twelve months. Hosting Plus clients scale capacity as required, with RMS optimizing for continual improvement. Clients also take advantage of new opportunities, simply adding new RMS models to their service.

Realize Your RMS Models Investment in Less than a Tenth of the Typical Deployment Time

Hosting Plus clients have their RMS models hosted and ready-to-run, typically within one to three weeks. Many businesses can take up to 27 weeks to do this, a potential 25-week time-lag to wait for business-changing model science.