Model Partners

  • ARA

    Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA) is an international research and engineering company recognized for providing technically excellent solutions to complex and challenging problems in the physical sciences. ARA's state-of-the-art hurricane catastrophe model, HurLoss, is one of only four commercially available models certified by the Florida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology. The ARA hurricane model has been used in multiple pioneering studies on wind-loss mitigation for the past 15 years.

  • Catalytics

    Catalytics is a Singapore-based model development firm providing models for the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific markets with a focus on previously unmodeled peril regions. Headed by Adi Hazan and Richard Austen, Catalytics was formed in 2009 to address the need for a better understanding of catastrophe risk exposure in the ASEAN region. Catalytics' earthquake models were created under the supervision of renowned seismologist Andrzei Kijko and are used by several leading reinsurers in the region. The Catalytics earthquake suite currently comprises Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, and Vietnam, with more regions under development.

  • CATRisk Solutions

    CATRisk Solutions is a London-based catastrophe modeling consultancy and model developer headed by Dr. Mohammad Zolfaghari, a respected seismologist who, in addition to his model development work, consults for governments and other agencies on issues related to the understanding and management of catastrophe risk. Dr. Zolfaghari has produced models for global reinsurance intermediaries and reinsurers, including earthquake models for North Africa and the Middle East.


    COMBUS is an Australian actuarial consultancy and model developer that provides catastrophe models covering all of Australia's low-return period perils—bushfire (wildfire), storm, flood, and hail. These perils have increasing focus among both domestic insurers and the international reinsurance community due to recent loss experience and the focus on frequent events in Australian solvency and capital adequacy requirements. COMBUS is headed by Dr. Will Gardner, a qualified actuary, geophysics PhD, and market veteran who has held senior positions at Tillinghast, QBE, and Aon Corporation. Dr. Gardner has produced models covering many regions of the world across multiple perils for global reinsurance intermediaries.

  • ERN

    ERN is an established Mexico City-based modeling firm providing models covering multiple perils with a current focus on Mexico and Central and South America. Founded in 1996 and headed by Eduardo Reinoso and Mario Ordaz, ERN now employs a team of over 50 and consults internationally for the World Bank and other non-governmental organizations, working on such projects as the design and development of the open source catastrophe modeling framework CAPRA. ERN's models are renowned for their technical sophistication and are required for solvency capital calculations by insurance regulators in several countries including Mexico.

  • JBA Risk Management

    JBA Risk Management is a leading provider of natural hazard modeling services. JBA staff pride themselves on their skill, experience, and creativity, delivered through exceptional technical expertise. They provide security through knowledge, helping clients in the insurance and reinsurance industry understand and manage natural peril risk. Specialists in hazard mapping, catastrophe modeling, and natural hazard analysis and interpretation, JBA provides maps, models, and data designed for use in pricing, underwriting, exposure assistance, and probabilistic analysis. Sophisticated and innovative analysis services give clients the tools to understand their exposure to natural catastrophes and to make well-informed risk management decisions.

  • Risk Frontiers

    Risk Frontiers is an independent R&D center at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Founded in 1994 to support the better understanding and pricing of natural hazard risks in the Asia-Pacific region, Risk Frontiers develops databases of natural hazard events and their impacts on communities and insured assets, as well as natural catastrophe loss models. Modeled risks include tropical cyclones, earthquakes, hailstorms, bushfires (wildfires), floods, tsunami, and volcanic ash. Risk Frontiers’ client base includes corporate and utility organizations, insurers and reinsurers, and government agencies, including the NSW State Emergency Services, for which Risk Frontiers is the preferred research supplier.

  • QuakeRisk

    QuakeRisk is a pan-European earthquake model developed by Dr. Mathias Raschke, a seismologist employed in the reinsurance industry. Incorporating the latest scientific research, QuakeRisk provides an open and fully documented earthquake model that enables users to customize key variables to their particular view of risk.


App partners

  • Analyze Re

    Analyze Re is a team of software engineers, statisticians, and economists with a background in building enterprise reinsurance risk pricing and risk management systems. Analyze Re has been partnering with RMS since 2013 and brings to market the industry's first commercially available reinsurance pricing and portfolio optimization framework. The Analyze Re framework closely integrates with RMS(one) and leverages RMS(one) technologies such as Contract Definition Language to provide a high performance and flexible solution that requires no coding and can be used across a wide range of use cases including strategic planning, blending analytics, fast portfolio rollups, what-if analysis, and pricing.

  • SpatialKey, Inc.

    SpatialKey delivers enterprise-class analytic solutions for insurers and reinsurers. Through speed-of-thought analytics and agile visualizations, SpatialKey helps (re)insurers understand risk accumulations and composition, analyze and respond to catastrophes, and manage exposure and available capacity proactively at the point of underwriting. By integrating unmatched user experiences and visualizations with expert data solutions and third-party systems to provide a differentiated geospatial and business intelligence solution, SpatialKey has helped (re)insurers make more informed decisions, write better risk, and diminish downstream claims and reinsurance costs. SpatialKey dissolves traditional technology barriers so companies can enhance operational efficiency, and communicate business performance consistently.