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Golden Bear Insurance Company is a leading provider of commercial property and casualty, professional liability, and residential insurance. Based in California, Golden Bear is one of the primary providers of earthquake-related cover for the state. The company has a long-established relationship with RMS. In recent years, the commercial property underwriting team had been using a combination of RiskLink™️ software and
RiskBrowser™️ online software across two different offices for its account modeling workflow for earthquake-related policies. 

Golden Bear’s transition to the new fully integrated and greatly automated workflow resulted in significant time savings and enhanced overall productivity for the commercial property underwriting team. The end-to-end account modeling workflow is now designed to operate approximately 65 percent faster than the previous setup, enabling Golden Bear to potentially double its deal throughput.

The integration of the new workflow process and the syncing of our systems has had a phenomenal impact on the overall productivity of our underwriters. We are able to analyze and quote on so many more submissions than we were previously, and the speed at which we can turn business around is incredible.

Susan AtkinsAssistant Vice President, Golden Bear Insurance Company

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A Case Study with Golden Bear Insurance Company
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