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The Storm Surge and the Tsunami

Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood January 03, 2020

The core idea behind catastrophe modeling is that the architecture of risk quantification is the same whatever the peril. While a hurricane is…

White Island Volcano

White Island Risk Mitigation: A Role for Insurance

Gordon Woo December 20, 2019

Safety from volcanic eruptions is heavily influenced by economic factors. Those who earn their livelihood from farming around a volcano may be…

Australia Map

Newcastle: Thirtieth Anniversary of Australia’s ...

Laura Barksby
Laura Barksby December 19, 2019

Over the past 15 years, we have witnessed some of the world’s largest possible recorded earthquakes that have had catastrophic impacts around…


Technology: The Springboard to Innovative Treaty...

Jesse Nickerson
Jesse Nickerson and Oli Morran December 18, 2019

Cautious optimism surrounds the January 1, 2020 reinsurance renewals, with expectations that the anticipated hardening of rates might be…

Farid Lothar

Twenty Years After Storms Anatol, Lothar and Mar...

Michele Lai
Michele Lai December 18, 2019

Twenty years ago, while the planet was getting ready for transitioning to year 2000 and trying to solve the Y2K bug, the (re)insurance…


Toward a Science of Cyber Risk

Russell Thomas
Russell Thomas December 17, 2019

A new article, The Science of Cyber Risk: A Research Agenda has just been published in Science. A free, non-paywall version of this paper is…


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