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Rumbling Below the Waves
Adrian Mark
Adrian Mark November 26, 2013

Which of the following would you say has the shortest odds? a) Someone getting injured by a firework b) A meteor landing on a house c)…

Social Change is Outperforming Medical Science
Andrew Coburn
Andrew Coburn November 21, 2013

We are in the middle of a health awareness revolution. Attitudes to fitness, health, diet, and social risk factors are changing more rapidly…

The Dangerous City of Tacloban
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood November 16, 2013

The city of Tacloban, on the island of Leyte, is the largest city in the eastern Visayas region of the central Philippines. In a 2010 survey…

Life Safety on a Cat 5 Coastline
Robert Muir-Wood
Robert Muir-Wood November 12, 2013

Many of the thousands of lives lost in Super Typhoon Haiyan could have been saved if a proper storm surge forecast had been provided, and if…

Will it Blend? (…And Now What?)
Meghan Purdy
Meghan Purdy November 11, 2013

In previous posts on multi-modeling, Claire Souch and I discussed the importance of validating models and the principles of model blending.…

Claire Souch
Claire Souch November 07, 2013


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